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I am so incredibly grateful for everyone who helped make my album “Good Love Gone Bad.” Without my talented friends and sound engineer Charles Uzanas this project would have never happened. This project came about as an excuse to see a bunch of friends I used to play shows with when we were part of a local record label years ago. I would write a song and then immediately know who to ask to record it with me. We would get together, rehearse while the kids played, eat a ton of pizza and then go record the next day. The songs were recorded “live” in the studio by Charles Uzanas. We would record playing altogether and then go back and overdub things if needed. The tracks were recorded on an analog 16 track reorder and then converted to digital. I wanted to retain the old school live feeling with the ambient sound of older recordings. Charles Uzanas meticulously mixed and mastered the album to retain the analog sound while conforming to the digital standards of our time.

For some of the songs, I worked with an entire band. The title track “Good Love Gone Bad” and the song “Tonight” were recorded with the Manchester CT band Johnny Mainstream. The song “Already Gone” features the band 41 Prospect, also from Connecticut. “Crazy” was actually the very first song I recorded and I worked with the band Oh Sh*t, a local punk band with which I used to play shows.

When I first started playing out in Hartford, CT I met an amazing singer songwriter, David James, and I was lucky enough to have him play electric guitar on “Devil Woman” and “Playing Nice”. Jason Messier is a friend from the record label days who played electric guitar on “Red” and the harmonica on “Bows.” Mike Kirol is a great songwriter and record producer and he plays electric guitar on “Bows” and “Lullaby.”

The song “Glorious Mess” features my cousin Conor Knox on saxophone. I come from a long line of saxophone players. My grandfather, my mother, and I also played saxophone. On this recording my cousin is playing my grandfather's silver Conn from the 1920's. Singer songwriter and guitarist Michael James Anderson plays electric guitar on the “Glorious Mess.”

For the past 10 years I've been so fortunate to play in two bands with Peggy Haney and Aron Uzanas. Peggy played bass on “Devil Woman,” “Playing Nice,” and “Bows.” Aron plays bass and drums on “Glorious Mess,” “Red,” and “Lullaby.” He also mixed and mastered the album with his father Charles Uzanas.

Lastly, I was so fortunate to ask my friend Tracy Clark to come over and help me with the art work. We had so much fun which showed as the cover art is quite colorful!

I know this seems like a lot of name dropping, but it is with the utmost sincerity that I thank all these people! I enjoyed working with everyone so much, that there were times when I didn't want this project to end. Thank you!


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